[Dice] Rules of Anaconda Poker

            Anaconda is a seven card stud poker game.  It is played with the same rules except for a few exceptions.  1.  Seven cards are dealt to each player face down.  Then a betting round commences.  2.  After the round, the players each pass three face down cards to the player on his or her left.  This is followed by another betting round.  3.  Next, two face down cards are passed to the player on the left, and another betting round ensues.  4.  After this round, each player passes one more face down card to the left, followed by another betting round.  5.  After the betting, each player chooses his five best cards and puts them, face down, in a pack before him on the table.  6.  When the dealer says so, the players roll the top card.  Once everyone’s top card is exposed, they have another betting round starting with the player with the highest card.  Each card is exposed in this fashion until all cards are exposed.  This game can be played for high or low. 

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