[Dice] Rules of Hi Lo Poker

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When one plays a high and low game, the player that declares a high hand and is the highest over the others declaring high wins 1/2 the pot. The player that declares a low hand and has the lowest of all the others declaring low wins the other 1/2...If all low hands drop and there is only high hands playing for the pot then the highest hand wins the whole pot. Similar if there are only low hands... Also if there is a tie for a high hand or a low hand, those players in the tie will split the 1/2 pot by whatever (eg.
2 high hands get 1/4 pot each and 1 low hand gets 1/2 pot)

There are cases in a high/low game where a player can make the best high hand and the best low hand. In this case players declare that they are going both ways but there are usually stipulations... As a twist for those that try to "pig the pot" they are required to have both the high and low winning hands to win any pot. If they don't then they forfeit all the pot. They do not collect half if they win the high and lose the low or visa versa.


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