[Dice] Rules of Progressive Draw Poker

Progressive Draw Poker is played like standard Draw Poker except for 1.  On the draw, a player may stand or draw one to five cards.  2.  The player to open is required to hold a specific rank hand, which increases in rank with each successive deal.  3.  The first deal requires that a player must have a hand that has a pair of jacks or better to open.  4.  If all players pass on the first deal, the requirement for openers on the next deal must be queens or better.  If this does not happen, the third deal, kings; the fourth, aces.  5.  The requirement for the fifth deal is kings or better; sixth, a pair of queens; seventh, a pair of jacks.  This goes back up to aces after this deal.  6.  Once the pot is opened, the game reverts back to draw poker which is Jacks or better.

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